Welcome to Harkaway Primary School

My school, my friend

Every child at Harkaway Primary School is inspired by knowing, “My school is my friend, it’s where we all belong”. All children are valued by the dedicated staff and are part of a caring, accepting school community. The innovative and nurturing educational programs ensure young learners are celebrated for their sense of wonder, individuality and endeavour.

Harkaway Primary School is located only four kilometres north of Berwick and set in a safe, idyllic rural setting. We offer a guaranteed small school environment with all the benefits of brand new facilities. Our rich history dates back over 130 years and has been an integral part of the Harkaway/Berwick community. 

Harkaway is a unique school community, providing dynamic learning opportunities where our children are nurtured to develop excellent life-long learning skills and achieve their maximum potential within a caring optimistic environment.


We offer your child:

  • A small school environment
  • Quality educational programs
  • New facilities
  • Specialist programs in Art, Sport and Library
  • L.O.T.E - Chinese Program
  • Computer access in every classroom
  • An integrated curriculum
  • Support of a strong school and community partnership
  • An effective student welfare program
  • Dedicated teaching staff
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • After school care
  • Performing arts program
  • Unique Discovery Learning
  • Whole school camping program
  • 'You Can Do It!'
  • Inter-school sport
  • Swimming program

We encourage students to:

  • Develop a love of learning
  • Achieve their maximum potential
  • Show willingness to take risks and accept challenges
  • Become independent, well rounded learners
  • Show respect for self and others, valuing individual differences
  • Show awareness of being part of a community and value their contributions to it
  • Be self-confident and optimistic.

respect • pride • teamwork • trust • care • tolerance • integrity